CDISTM Software

County Development Information System.

Simplify and streamline County development business processes.


CDIS is a suite of leading information management software for key elements of county development business processes. It is a flagship product of LocateIT limited a leading private firm in Earth Observation and geospatial technologies solutions and services based in Nairobi.

It was prototyped and popularised as a Constituency Development Information System as a solution to drive the use and management of Constituency development Fund administered at constituency levels in Kenya. The solution evolved to County Development Information System as an integrated suite of comprehensive software designed to help county government address development business processes holistically.

CDISTM Modules

A collection of solutions all in one suite.


A CDISTM solution for comprehensive revenue management across your revenue collection jurisdiction.


A CDIS TM Cadaster and Registry and registry solution that enables accurate recordation and access to land information.


A CDIS TM solution for collection, management and access to agricultural information for a government agency.


A unified health facilities data platform enabling value generation from health care data. The fastest path to value in UHC.


A unified Physical Addressing system for your administrative or business jurisdiction. Include, addressing of last-mile locations if you are a delivery organization.

  • TIIS: Transport Infrastructure Information System.
  • ESIS: Education Services Information System
  • Environment Monitoring System (EMS)
  • Public Amenities Management Information System (PAMIS)
  • Businesses Information System (BIS)
  • Spatial Planning Information System (SPIS)
  • Housing and Buildings Information System (HaBIS)
  • Early Warning and Response Information System (EWARIS)
  • County Accountability Tool (CAT) / Performance Monitoring System (PMS)
  • Common Operating Picture (COP)
  • Socio-economic Information System (SIS)
  • Credit Management System (CMS)
  • Planning and Budget Management System (PBMS) (merge with PMS?)
  • Utilities Management System (UMS)
  • Security Information System
  • Partners Management System / Projects Management System HR Mapping?
  • Why Choose CDISTM

    Integrating disparate system

    CDISTM is a comprehensive system as a result of integration of disparate enterprise systems to enable unified and seamless dataflow across the organization departments and cadres. Allowing transparency in data creation, aggregation and manipulation at all levels,

    Geo-enabling business processes.

    CDISTM introduces the geospatial context of assets and events into the business workflows. It provides advanced locational intelligence for informed decision making at all levels of the business process. Finally, organizations have the complete 360-degree view of their assets and events.

    Elimination of redundancy

    From maintaining multiple inconsistent copies of the same records to investing in different systems in every department, CDISTM offers the solution to consolidate ICT investment of data management efforts in an organization. Your organization can now setup and manage a single system for all aspects of your business process and collect data once while involving all departments. No more inconsistency in the data stored by different departments.

    Enabling digital transformation in public sector.

    CDISTM provides the tooling and data platforms that enables Public agencies to take their digital transformation of their business processes to the next era of ICT. It enables them to leverage on the cutting-edge technologies to generate value from their data.

    Anchorage: The County Government Act, 2012

    110. (1) There shall be a ten-year county GIS based database system spatial plan for each county, which shall be a component part of the county integrated development plan providing

    (a) a spatial depiction of the social and economic development programme of the county as articulated in the integrated county development plan; ...

    CDISTM Screenshots

    CDISTM Components


    CDISTM is build on top of ArcGIS as the core geospatial enabler for our solutions.


    CDISTM relies on mobile telephony to connect users in rural areas through sms and ussd technologies.

    Satellite Imagery

    CDISTM relies on high image satellite Imagery from Airbus to provide accurate geographical context to county resources.


    A custom customer relationship management system for County to manage requests for information from its constituents.


    A custom portal with various dashboards for interacting with data at various levels.

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